Black Codes

Black Codes were laws enacted by southern states after the Civil War. These laws restricted African Americans freedom and forced them to work in a labor economy. Black codes limited blacks from doing many things that any free person should be able to do; the codes restricted blacks from voting, from owning property, and from […]

Glossary: Prison Industrial Complex

Prison Industrial Complex is where there are interactions of the private companies who would help expand the prison system. The prison industrial complex consisted of surveillance, imprisonment, police brutality, racial profiling, prisoners with poor education like drop outs, and more… It is when a prison is constructed and managed by the services of private companies. Most […]

Glossary: Jim Crow

Jim Crow is when there was a racial segregation between blacks and whites between 1877 and the mid-1960s. The blacks were treated a lot differently than the whites. The African Americans were treated as a second class citizens. They couldn’t shake or offer their hands with a white male because if they did, it would […]

Urban Future

Urban Future may depend on the actions that are made by people in society. For instance, in the article “Flint isn’t the only place with racism in the water” for the sake of saving money, the government chose to cut off the supply for clean and fresh water, and instead replaced it with access from the […]

Poverty and Affluence

Hanjung Na Poverty and Affluence in Brooklyn   Poverty and affluence are both different factors that contribute to our world especially in New York City. Both of these different factors are shown throughout the world; how they live, how they dress, etc. Poverty and affluence which is also known for the wealthy people are the […]