Voiceless and Poisoned

The water crisis that is on-going in Flint supports the idea that voting could have a big impact in your life. Voting allows those that represent you to see what your interests are and what is important to you and the people in your area. However, when you’re poor and don’t have the opportunity to […]

Assignment #1

Maggie Iavarone As I walked around New York City I thought about the meaning of poverty and affluence and I came up with this. Poverty means that you don’t have or have just enough money for the essentials of life, like food, shelter, and clothing. To be affluent means that you have enough money for […]

Assignment 1

Lauren Gentile Monday September 5th, 2016 Assignment 1 We live in a city filled with different social, cultural and most importantly different economical classes. Poverty and affluence is expressed immensely in the elements of New York City. Poverty can be defined as the state of being inferior in quality or unequal in amount. Whereas, affluence […]

Assignment 1: The Urban at 1st Glance

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N9ybPmqbxGwyAUAmzc6pHTsL1HotRTTFq5bXHoySfOw/edit Assignment 1: The Urban at 1st Glance There are different factors that contribute to the divide of the poor and wealthy, also known as poverty and affluence. Some factors that contribute to poverty and affluence are race, gender and the economy during the time. These factors affect their living environment and their lifestyle. In […]

Poverty and Affluence

  During my walk, I found a great disparity between the more affluent section and the impoverish parts of Far Rockaway. In more recent years, since larger cities are becoming more popular, the increasing number of people have to go somewhere. Over the course of just a few blocks, I experienced very harsh differences in […]