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Research a local organization!

This opportunity requires independent internet research of a local organization addressing an issue relevant to class.

  1. Choose a topic that we have discussed this semester, or that we will be discussing in the coming weeks.
  2. Find a local non-profit organization or initiative that is addressing that issue in an innovative way.
  3. Type up 400-700 word summary (see below)

Summary Instructions

Identify the issue you chose, the name of the organization/initiative you chose; a link to the organization’s website. & answer the following in 1-2 sentences each:

  • How is the organization/initiative addressing the issue you chose?
  • What do you find innovative, useful, exciting and/or helpful in how they are addressing that issue?
  • Could this effort be applied to some other form of inequality that we have discussed in class? If so, how?


This opportunity is worth up to 3 pts. If you want to earn all 3 points for your summary, complete the following instructions:

  1. You must post your response to the blog by Friday December. 16, 2016.
  2. You must select two categories before publishing the post: 1) “Extra Credit” 2) “Issue-based Local Organization”.
  3. You must include 3 tags for your post.



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