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Schedule (Formerly ‘Calendar’)

Monday 8/29/16: Introduction

Wednesday 8/31/16: Economic Inequality

  • Kochhar, Rakesh, Paul Taylor, and Richard Fry. 2011. Wealth gaps rise to record highs between whites, blacks and Hispanics. Washington, D.C.: Pew Research Center.
  • Washington, Black’s economic gains wiped out in downtown, NBC News


Wednesday 9/7/16: Labor Inequality

  • D. Autor. 2010. “The Polarization of Job Opportunities in the U.S. Labor Market”. Center for American Progress. p1-15
  • Hum, Tarry. 2011. “Persistent Polarization in the New York Workforce: New Findings of Labor Market Segmentation.” Regional Labor Re- view, Center for the Study of Labor and Democracy, Hofstra University, Spring-Summer, 13, –
  • Pager, D., & Western, B. (December 9, 2005). Race at Work: Realities of Race and Criminal Record in the New York City Job Market. Report prepared for the 50th Anniversary of the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

Bring a digital copy (USB drive, attached email file) Assignment 1 to class today.

Monday 9/12/16: What does it mean to be poor in the 21st Century: Theories of Poverty


Crowdsource “Top-Down Economics and Bottom-up Politics” by Goldsmith and Blakely: Comment by 12n, Sunday 9/11/16

Wednesday 9/14/16: What does it mean to be poor in the 21st Century: Theories of becoming Un-Poor

Assignment 2 Due by 11:59pm, Friday  9/16/16.

Monday 9/19/16: Historical Development of Cities

  • Ross, Byron and Myron Levine. 2012. Urban Politics, Cities and Suburbs in a Global Age, Chapter 2. NYC: ME Sharpe.
  • Freeman, Josh. 2014. If you can make it here. Jacobin.
  • Peter Eisinger 2000. The Politics of Bread and Circuses : Building the City for the Visitor Class. Urban Affairs Review 2000 35: 316-333.


OR Video:

Crowdsource “The Politics of Bread and Circus” by Eisinger: Comment by 12n, Sunday 9/18/16.

Groups for Assignment 3 will be assigned.

Wednesday 9/21/16: Historical Development of Cities


Monday 9/26/16: Globalization and New Ways of Working

Crowdsource “Globalization and Inequality: by Massey: Comment by 12n, Sunday 9/25/16.

Wednesday 9/28/16: In Class Film Showing: Pruitt Igoe Myth

Monday 10/3/16: NO CLASS

Wednesday 10/5/16: Women, work and Welfare



  • Collins, J. (2008). The specter of slavery: Workfare and the economic citizenship of poor women. New landscapes of inequality: Neoliberalism and the erosion of democracy in America, 131-151.

Crowdsource “College-educated women earn $8,000 less a year than men as gap widens by Kasperkevic: Comment by 12n Tuesday 10/4/16

Thursday 10/6/16: Historical Recap

Review, synthesize

Assignment 3: Post due by 11:59p Wednesday 10/5/16.  Presentations in class today.

Monday 10/10/16: NO CLASS

Wednesday 10/12/16: Midterm Review

Monday 10/17/16: TBA

Wednesday 10/19/16: Midterm

Monday 10/24/16 & Wednesday 10/26/16: Persisting Segregations

Monday 10/31/16 & Wednesday 11/2/16: Housing Affordability

  • Housing New York: A Five-borough, Ten year plan. The City of New York, Mayor Bill De Blasio. Executive Summary and Introduction ONLY
  • “What is affordable housing? A guide developed by the Center for Urban Pedagogy.
  • Navarro, M. “How do Rent-Burdened New Yorkers Cope?” New York Times, August 24, 2016
  • Eligon, J. A Year after Ferguson, Housing Segregation defies tools to erase it. New York Times, August 8, 2015.
  • Gates, M. To Prevent Worsening Inequality, Put Affluent Neighborhoods ON NYC Re-Zoning List., November 17, 2015.


Monday 11/14/16: Community Change and Resistance in NYC

READ 2 of the Following 3:

1) Rotondaro, V. and Ewing, M. The Ins and Outs. Narratively, January 15, 2013.

2) Adams, Micheal Henry. “The end of Black Harlem”. New York Times Sunday Review, May 27, 2016.

3) Bontemps, Johnny. Southside Story”. Narratively, January 14, 2013.



Wednesday 11/16/16: Housing Alternatives

Monday 11/21/16: Whose Public Space?

  • The Pratt Center for Community Development 2012. Queens Triple Play: Willets West, Major League Soccer and The National Tennis Center. Brooklyn, NY: The Pratt Institute (September 21, 2012).
  • Dr. Dawg. 2008. “Policing public space”. BLOG POST.
  • Davis, Mike. 1992 “Fortress LA”
  • “No Safe Place: The Criminalization of Homelessness in US Cities”. A Report by the National Coalition for the homeless. Pgs16-29, the section on the Criminalization of Homelessness


Re-visit: Peter Eisinger 2000. The Politics of Bread and Circuses : Building the City for the Visitor Class. Urban Affairs Review 2000 35: 316-333.

Wednesday 11/23/16: Public Space and Democracy

Monday 11/28/16 & Wednesday 11/30/16: Criminal Justice


  • Wacquant, Class, race and hyper-incarceration in revanchist America
  • Vera Institute. 2014. Race and Prosecution in Manhattan.
  • Kahn, K. B. and Martin, K. D. (2016). Policing and race: Disparate Treatment, Perceptions and Policy responses. Social Issues and Policy Review, 10, 1 82-121.

Monday 12/5/16: Immigration Policy

  • Kwong, Peter 2009. “What’s Wrong with the US Immigration Debate?” Fields, Jeff, and Ida Susser,eds. Rethinking America: the imperial homeland in the 21st century. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publish- ers. Pp. 300-312.
  • Economic Policy Institute. 2010. Immigration and Wages

Wednesday 12/7/16: Urban Futures



Final Exam, TBA


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