Assignments 4-8: (De)(Re)Constructing the Urban

FYI: This assignment includes two parts (blogging and commenting) so read the whole description carefully. 


In the 2nd half of the semester, students are expected to write two posts for the blog.

The point of a blog is to make a point about something. For example, for the week of residential segregation, a student could assert that “residential segregation is a result of a lack of government intervention and continued, though subtle racial discrimination”, and then go on to use the readings from that week to elaborate/argue/prove their point. The blog would likely be organized by reviewing the various theories of residential segregation, and then making the case that one is more accurate than the others because… and then use course readings (or outside materials) to support that point. In other words, these are short and specific opinion pieces or thoughtful essays that require you to have a point or to be exploring a particular point, and require you to rely on course readings and other outside materials to support your point.

Some suggestions for approaching your blog:

  1. Use a case study to center your argument. If you’re blogging about the privatization of public space, discuss the construction and issues associated with Barclays Center and how this relates to and/or what this tells you about the changing nature of public space today.
  2. Review and critique a news article – here you would summarize, and critique their argument, or build on their argument using course materials. Alternatively, the news article may critique a main point from the course readings, or build on the ideas begun in those texts or help clarify a point for you.

When writing these posts, please don’t forget what we’ve learned during the first half of the semester – remember the population and business migrations we discussed, and the shifting policy orientation of city, and how these shifts contributed to some of the important realities of today such as high income and wealth inequality, a hollowed out job market, etc.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Posts are to be between 250 and 500.
  • You should properly cite articles you discuss or refer to in your posts (see our resources page to find information on proper citation).
  • Posts will be due at 11:59pm on the Friday of week that corresponds with the topic.
  • Please include an appropriate title for your post (it should NOT be a generic title.
  • Please include at least one image using the instructions described at the bottom of our resources page.
  • Please hyperlink when relevant.
  • When publishing your post, please categorize your post as: 1) Assignment 4-8 and 2) the weekly topic (i.e. Residential Segregation).
  • Include at least 3 tags that describe your post.


Weekly assignments and due dates are below:

  • Persisting Segregations, DUE Friday 10/28/16
    • John, Tayeb, Jenna, Sean
  • Housing Affordability, DUE Friday 11/4/16 
    • Jenna, John, Zhaoxin, Jia Jin, Troy, Shavell, Adam, Hanjung, Yael, Kristin
  • Community Change and Resistance in NYC (including Housing Alternatives), DUE Friday 11/11/16
    • Nicole, Zhaoxin, Lauren, Yi, Adam, Caitlin, Maggie, Berina, Mariana, Anthony
  • Whose Public Space? (including Public Space and Democracy), DUE Friday 11/27/16***
    •  Kateryna, Lauren, Tayeb, Ana, Sean, Caitlin, Sora, Rukhsat, Heather
  • Criminal Injustice, DUE Sunday 12/2/16
    •  Kateryna, Nicole, Anthony, Shavell, Ashby, Kimani, Andrea, Berina, Kristin
  • Immigration Policy, DUE Friday 12/9/16
    •  Sora, Alan, Jia Jin, Hanjung, Lauren, Yi, Troy, Heather
  • Urban Futures, DUE Friday 12/9/16
    •  Maggie, Alan, Ana, Ashby, Andrea, Kimani, Ruhksat, Yael, Mariana


In addition to writing two blogs, students will be expected to comment during three of the weeks. Comments should be substantive, thoughtful and analytical.  Students will not receive credit for responses such as, “This is great!” or “Totally agree”.

DUE: Students will be expected to comment by the end of the weekend following the blog post.

  • Persisting Segregations, DUE Sunday 10/30/16
    • Ana, Nicole, Zhaoxin, Hanjung, Jia Jin, Maggie, Sora
  • Housing Affordability, DUE Sunday 11/6/16
    •  Ana, Kateryna, Kimani, Ashby, Alan, Berina, Sean, Lauren, Anthony, Rukhsat, Mariana, Caitlin
  • Community Change and Resistance in NYC (including Housing Alternatives), DUE Sunday 11/13/16
    • Shavell, Troy, Jia Jin, John, Kimani, Ashby, Alan, Andrea, Ruhksat, Heather, Yael, Tayeb, Kateryna, Kristin
  • Whose Public Space? (including Public Space and Democracy), DUE Sunday 11/29/16***
    • Adam, Zhaoxin, Jia Jin, John, Maggie, Lauren, Andrea, Mariana, Yael, Jenna, Shavell, Berina, Kristin
  • Criminal Injustice, DUE Tuesday 12/4/16
    •  Adam, Hanjung, Troy, John, Alan, Tayeb, Maggie, Jenna, Lauren, Yi, Sora, Heather, Caitlin
  • Immigration Policy, DUE Sunday 12/11/16
    •  Ana, Nicole, Zhaoxin, Shavell, Kimani, Ashby, Berina, Sean, Anthony, Andrea, Rukhsat, Mariana, Yael, Kristin
  • Urban Futures, DUE Sunday 12/11/16
    •  Adam, Kateryna, Nicole, Hanjung, Sean, Jenna, Anthony, Yi, Tayeb, Heather, Caitlin, Sora

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