Assignment 3: Period Pieces, A Collaborative Timeline

For assignment 3, the class will collaboratively construct a timeline that reflects the history of urban development we cover in class.  Students will be broken up into groups and assigned 1 of 4 periods that involve key events in the history of urban development as it pertains to wealth and income inequality today.  Each group will be expected to identify and define/explain key events and key terms of their time periods.  In addition, students should highlight the connections and significance of this history to wealth and income gaps today.  Please discuss the factors of race and gender when relevant.

The time periods are:

  • Suburbanization (Discriminatory implementation of) and consequences for the city
  • Economic restructuring and shifting priorities of the city
  • Globalization and changing nature of labor market
  • Shifting policies and the changing nature of the labor market (including welfare reform)

Groups will be assigned in class on Monday 9/19/16.

There are two components each group must complete.
Part 1:
A study guide with key terms/concepts and historical events.  These will be posted to the Course Website.  Students should categorize this post as ‘Assignment 3-Study Guide’.
Part 2:
Class ‘presentations’ on time period.

DUE: Students will be asked to post a study guide of their time period to the blog by 11:50p on Wednesday 10/5/16, and will share an overview of their time period with the class during our session on Thursday 10/6/16. 

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