Assignment 2: Poverty Debate

For Assignment 2, you will be working in groups to write a debate outlining the 3 perspectives on poverty.

For this assignment, imagine you and your partners are on a talk show that features hostile, unfriendly and harsh debates between pundits with opposing viewpoints on contemporary issues.  The issue of the day is the latest US poverty statistics, which were released in a report this past week.  Using all members of your team, write a dialogue wherein the three perspectives discuss ‘why poverty exists’.  The dialogue should also include a moderator who asks questions, moderates the debate, and declares a winner at the end.  Dialogues should include examples from the real world – some (BUT NOT ALL) of these examples may come from your life.  Please see worksheet for more details on the assignment.

PDF of Assignment 2, Poverty Perspectives Debate

DUE: Dialogues are due to Professor Hackett by 11:59p on Friday 9/16/16.

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