Assignment 9: The Urban at 2nd Glance

For assignment 9, I would like you to return to your Assignment 1 – The Urban at 1st Glance – and drop some knowledge on your former self.  By this I mean: review your post and critique, clarify, complicate, problematize and/or elaborate some of the ideas and reflections you presented in that initial post.  Be specific about which points from your initial post you are building on.  Quoting your former self may be helpful in this endeavor.  Demonstrate the depth of your understanding as it stands now, at the end of the course.  Include examples from course material and discussions that illustrate your points and/or critiques.

In your post, please link to your post for Assignment 1 so readers can compare side by side.

Please mark the category as “Assignment 9: Urban at 2nd Glance”, and include at least 3 tags (no more than 10).

These posts should be about 500-700 words.

DUE: Posts should be posted no later than Wednesday December 21, 2016.

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