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ReadingAll assigned readings should be completed by the corresponding class date, per the syllabus.  You are responsible for knowing the key ideas, concepts, processes, actors and history outlined in the readings, so annotation of the reading is strongly suggested.

Attendance & In Class Participation: Regular, timely attendance and active participation in class discussions are essential elements for excelling in this class.

GRADING: If you attend class regularly, arrive on time, and contribute to class discussions regularly, you will receive full credit. Regular tardiness or absences will be noted and will affect your grade.

In Class Quizzes: On occasion, we will begin class with a 1-3 question quiz. This quiz will be highlight important concepts or ideas from the reading.  Students will only have 10 minutes to complete the quiz (i.e. quizzes will be distributed at 9:15a and collected at 9:25a).  Tardy students will be ineligible for the quiz.

GRADING: Each question is worth 1 pt. Students will get one pt for each question they get correct.  For example, if a student gets 2 answers correct on a 3 question quiz, they will receive a 2/3.

Weekly Crowdsource: Each week a reading will be selected for a pre-class, online discussion. Professor Hackett will post to the course website, and students are expected to share their thoughts, reactions, questions, etc. in the comments section of the post.  This is an opportunity to share your initial thoughts and to begin making sense of the article together.  In addition to reading and responding to the article, you should read and respond to other students comments and thoughts on the article.  Professor Hackett will make the post after class on Wednesday, and students will have until 12noon on Sunday to comment.Click here for more information on what is expected, and the list of the articles that will be crowdsourced.

GRADING: Students will receive a check for participation in the weekly crowdsource. Neglecting to participate with regularity will affect your grade negatively.

Assignments:  Students have a total of 9 assignments to complete for this course.  These assignments are designed to help students grasp the material in both individual and collective ways.  In addition, students are expected to post many of these assignments to the blog, meaning they are also building important digital skills.  Descriptions of the assignments can be found by clicking on the links below.

GRADING: All assignments will be given a 2, 1, or 0.

  • 2: Student completes the assignment and submits it on time and in the manner outlined in the assignment description (i.e. as a blog post, as a hard copy in class, as an attachment in an email, etc).   Student fulfills other requirements of assignment (i.e. word count, responds to prompt, etc).  Student demonstrates deep, critical and thoughtful engagement with the assignment prompt.
  • 1: Student submits the assignment but one or more of the following are true of the entry: 1) the assignment is not on time, 2) the student fails to follow instructions regarding submission, 3) the student does not meet the other requirements of the assignment, 4) thought the student completes the assignment, the student does not demonstrate deep, critical or thoughtful engagement with the assignment prompt.
  • 0: Student fails to turn in assignment, student turns in an incomplete assignment, or assignment lacks engagement with the prompts posed in the assignment.

Exams: Students will have a Midterm exam and a Final exam-project hybrid.

  • The Midterm exam will be held in class on Monday 10/17/16.
  • The Final exam-project is TBA.


  • Attendance, Quizzes & In Class Participation: 10%
  • Weekly Crowdsource: 10%
  • Homework Assignments: 20%
  • Midterm Exam: 25%
  • Final Exam/Project: 30%

*If at any point in the semester you are curious about where you stand in the class, you can use this breakdown to determine what your grade is.

 Extra credit opportunities will be made available to students throughout the semester.

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