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Course Archive

The material that populates this website was created by the students in my Urban Studies 101 Course in the Fall of 2016. This course ran through the Urban Studies Department at Queens College, of the City University of New York. The full course title is “Urban Studies 101: Poverty and Affluence”. The course examines contemporary urban phenomenon from a critical, historical, and contextualized perspective. In the course we examine urban development over the last century – with a focus on the 1970’s to today – through the lenses of housing, community development, public space, welfare policy, immigration policy, criminal justice and environmental justice.

In the course, the website was used to house practical course-related information (what readings and assignments were due, where and when did the class meet, etc). In addition, it served as an important space for class discussion. Throughout the course were expected to participate in these discussions in a few different ways: 1) through participating in the weekly crowdsource, 2) by posting blogs relevant to a particular weeks topic of discussion, and 3) by commenting on peer-written topical blogs.

This course archive documents our schedule for the semester, course policies and requirements, extra credit opportunities, and additional resources identified for students, offering you a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at how the course operated throughout the semester.

There were amendments during the course of the semester. For example, we stopped weekly crowdsource at mid-semester to give more attention to the blog. More on this and other amendments can be found by reviewing course announcements.

This information may be useful for others who may be teaching similar classes, interested in creating similar spaces, studying digital pedagogy (and have suggestions or feedback!), etc.

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