Public Space in Cities

In the article, How Much Public Space Does a City Need?, by Gregory Scruggs displays an argument about public space within cities. When we think “public space” the first thing that comes to mind is parks and outdoors. For example, when we think public spaces  in New York City we think Central Park, Highbridge Park, […]

What is public space?

When someone hears the words “Public Space”, it might be expected that it would be public without exception. People are learning quickly that very often this isn’t the case. In the essay “Policing public space”, the author translate public space as a place for “freedom of assembly and expression”. It’s becoming more common for places […]

Public Space

In the article “Policing Public Space“, Public Space may be defined as social space that is open or accessible to people. This may include, roads, public parks, benches, etc. In this article it is shown that public space may be interfered with when it comes to police and their surveillance. Although there is a freedom […]