CROWDSOURCE: Eisinger’s, “The Politics of Bread and Circuses”

This week let’s use the crowdsource to discuss Peter Eisinger’s piece, “The Politics of Bread and Circuses: Building the City for the Visitor Class”.  We will use this crowdsource as a way of making sense of his argument together. Specifically, the chapter speaks to the political-economic changes taking place in NYC beginning in the 1980s.  Eisinger’s piece will only […]

CROWDSOURCE: Poverty Perspectives

This week let’s use the crowdsource to discuss Goldsmith and Blakely’s (2010) chapter, “Top-down Economics and Bottom-up Policites” in their book, Separate Societies: Poverty and Inequality. We will use this crowdsource as a way to being making sense of this chapter together. Specifically, the chapter presents three perspectives on the question, ‘Why does poverty exist?’.  What are the various perspectives? […]


Each week, one article will be identified for the Weekly Crowdsource.  Students will be expected to share their initial thoughts, questions or critiques of the article in the comments section of a post shared by Professor Hackett.  This is an opportunity to begin making sense of the article together in anticipation of class.  The post […]