Changes in Berlin

After reading the article “Berlin becomes first German city to make rent cap a reality”, I learned about the policy that Berlin government made to limit rent rise in the area and make the life of low-income people easier. This law was originally only applied to existing tenants, but now is extended to new contracts. […]


Our communities are changing fast. The rent is rising every year. A lot of the low-income residences cannot afford it then move out to look for affordable house. The Berlin’s landlord increases the rent more than 10% above the local average. Moreover, there is a main difference between the old contract and the new contract. The rent […]

Gentrification in NYC

In the article “How Sky-High Rents Are Radically Changing New York’s Neighorhoods” I learned about how gentrification has significantly effected New York City throughout the 21st century. Gentrification is a process of renovation of deteriorated urban neighborhoods. This is created by influx of more affluent residents and results in increased property values and the displacing […]

Harlem vs. Gentrification

After reading the article “Gentrification and Displacement in Harlem: How the Harlem Community Lost Its Voice en Route to Progress” I found out much about community change and resistance in NYC, specifically Harlem. Harlem is in the process of being gentrified. Gentrification means change in urban areas associated with a rise in affluence. Gentrification basically means […]