Sustainability Breakthroughs

There are signs of hope, in terms of environmental safety, being shown in the small town St.Kjeld, Copenhagen Denmark. After an extremely destructive cloudburst in 2011 the city decided to become proactive about future protection from natural disasters. City officials acknowledged the powerful trajectory of global warming and created a climate-change-adapted neighborhood. In this neighborhood […]

Immigration wages

The united states is a country made up of immigrants. Yet U.S born workers feel as if foreign born workers are having a negative impact on their society. They feel as if immigrant workers are stealing all the working jobs and taking money from healthcare and other benefit plans. Though it is proven that immigrant […]

The Immigration Paradox

In this country, we have had a past of anti-immigration movements, and as we all know, it is a moving phenomena. Our stance on immigration tends to shift according to our economy and our political standing, but it doesn’t seem to have been in favor of immigrants for many years. We have had the Chinese […]

Voiceless and Poisoned

The water crisis that is on-going in Flint supports the idea that voting could have a big impact in your life. Voting allows those that represent you to see what your interests are and what is important to you and the people in your area. However, when you’re poor and don’t have the opportunity to […]

The Resilience of The Urban Community: Where Do We Go from Here?

In “The Rise of Resilience: Linking Resilience and Sustainability in City Planning,” author Timon McPhearson claims resilience “needs to be linked to sustainability so that the resilience we are trying to plan and design for actually helps us move towards desired future sustainable systems states, and not undesirable ones.” This is because “in the sustainability […]

Urban Future

Urban Future may depend on the actions that are made by people in society. For instance, in the article “Flint isn’t the only place with racism in the water” for the sake of saving money, the government chose to cut off the supply for clean and fresh water, and instead replaced it with access from the […]

Trump’s Immigrants Policy In US

The United States has granted a lot immigration legislation. The government tries to have less immigrants from the world. The immigration legislation is considered as the legal tool for controlling the number and types of immigration allowed in the country. The U.S. immigration policy is political and highly dependent on the economic situation. Trump claims […]