Our communities are changing fast. The rent is rising every year. A lot of the low-income residences cannot afford it then move out to look for affordable house. The Berlin’s landlord increases the rent more than 10% above the local average. Moreover, there is a main difference between the old contract and the new contract. The rent […]

What is Affordable Housing?

What is affordable housing? The government decides what affordable housing is. New York was the first city to build affordable housing, then the Housing Act of 1937 was approved later. Housing authority used federal funding to build affordable housing. The local housing landlords get money from the federal government to manage and maintain the buildings, help the […]

Poverty and Affluence

  It was almost 8 a.m. I walked out from my apartment to Main Street, Flushing. Today is Labor Day. I thought that there would not be many people walking around on the street. However, many people sat on the steps of the Post Office waiting for the Cars which would sent them to work […]