Trump’s Immigrants Policy In US

The United States has granted a lot immigration legislation. The government tries to have less immigrants from the world. The immigration legislation is considered as the legal tool for controlling the number and types of immigration allowed in the country. The U.S. immigration policy is political and highly dependent on the economic situation. Trump claims […]

Changes in Berlin

After reading the article “Berlin becomes first German city to make rent cap a reality”, I learned about the policy that Berlin government made to limit rent rise in the area and make the life of low-income people easier. This law was originally only applied to existing tenants, but now is extended to new contracts. […]

Gini Coefficient

Gini coefficient is a measurement of the income distribution of the country’s residents. The number ranges is between 0 and 1. It is based on the resident’s net income. The lower number the more equality the country is. That means 0 represents the perfect equality and 1 represents the perfect inequality of the country. Gini […]

Wealth Inequality

Wealth Inequality is the unequal distribution of assets within the population. In the United States, the assets is distributed wider between rich and poor than any other developed countries. Assets can be everything from an owned personal residence and cash in the savings account, such as: investment in stocks and bonds, real property. Rich people […]

Assignment 1

Asian people are fulfilled with Flushing, Queens. Most of the population are Asian, and some of black people live in the city.  It is hard to see white people in the street in Flushing. There are so many Chinese stores along the Main Street, Such as: Farmer Market, Qingdao Restaurant, and Trustworthy Accounting. It is […]