GLOSSARY: [Southern Strategy]

A strategy often employed by southern republican politicians by which promises of reducing minority crime, welfare cheaters, and illegal immigrants reel in the support of low income white voters. This strategy thinly veils a racist agenda on part of the politician in that it plays into the fears of the public of minority groups. In […]

Sustainability Breakthroughs

There are signs of hope, in terms of environmental safety, being shown in the small town St.Kjeld, Copenhagen Denmark. After an extremely destructive cloudburst in 2011 the city decided to become proactive about future protection from natural disasters. City officials acknowledged the powerful trajectory of global warming and created a climate-change-adapted neighborhood. In this neighborhood […]

GLOSSARY: Restrictive Covenants

In response to the great migration of southern blacks, legal restrictions from selling homes in certain suburban areas to racial minorities became the accepted norm. There restrictions are known as restrictive covenants. Often arbitrary rules were made to increase the cost of suburban homes and thus exclude minorities from living in such areas. The white […]

GLOSSARY: Culture of Poverty

The theory of a culture of poverty stems from the poverty as pathology perspective which believes poverty to be the fault of the individual rather than the government or some accident outside of one’s control. The culture of poverty perspective states that impoverished minorities do not try for social or economic mobility, due to their […]

GLOSSARY: Poverty As Accident

The poverty as an accident or incident perspective believes that poverty is a natural and inevitable part of a generally good economy. Poverty strikes people through ‘accidents’ meaning things that happen beyond a person’s control such as illness, car accident, job loss etc. In turn it is the government’s job to provide social welfare programs […]