GLOSSARY: [Stop and Frisk]

Stop and Frisk is a police practice that allows police officers to publicly pat down anyone,  non discriminatory towards age or gender, and can arrest them depending on what they find. Stop and Frisk is a controversial law because the majority of people targeted were people of color, and stop and frisk led to arrests […]

GLOSSARY: [Racial Profiling]

Racial profiling is using someone’s ethnicity/race to stereotype them and suspect them to have done a certain action, usually a crime, solely because of their race. Racial profiling can occur in stores, on the street, even in centers for education. Accusing someone of a crime or putting extra security on someone is included in racial […]

GLOSSARY: [Gentrification]

Gentrification at face value is just the revitalization of a neighborhood, bringing in new business and residents. Deep down gentrification is the opposite of the good face it provides. Gentrification brings about removal of minorities who can’t keep up with rent hikes. New and affluent residents move into the neighborhood. Traditional and old shops and […]

Inclusion of Segregation is Exclusion of Equality

Persisting segregation has to do with the consistent separation of neighborhoods by color/ethnicity. Those who are colored, especially Black Americans, have throughout history been separated from White Americans in neighborhoods and other living conditions. It’s referred to as persisting segregation because it still persists even throughout all the policy changes that have been made and […]

Glossary: Suburbanization

Suburbanization is the move from Urban areas to Suburban areas. It’s the opposite of Urbanization which would be the move from rural and suburban areas to cities. There are many factors for suburbanzation. Too many people and very little space in cities ruins quality of life. Suburbanization offers cheaper house prices and more space. The […]

Glossary: Blight

Blight is also known as urban decay. Blight is when an area that used to be thriving financially/economically and was populated now shows signs of depopulation and lessened financial activity. Usually a blighted area is beyond the point of repair, both physically and economically. The inability to repair the blighted areas depends where it is […]

Glossary: Redlining

Redlining is when insurance companies refuse insurance or banks refuse loans to areas that they discriminate against on the basis of their financial standings/ethnic make up. In the context that we speak on for this class, redlining mainly has to do with inner city neighborhoods. Here is a video that is informative about redlining.

Exploring Downtown Flushing

I decided to walk around Downtown Flushing. I visited on September 2, 2016. On my walk, I noticed poverty was not just having limited opportunities, but having less space and having more law enforcement patrolling the area as well. One area in particular are the Bland apartments nearby Main Street. The area with these apartments […]