Black Codes

Black Codes were laws enacted by southern states after the Civil War. These laws restricted African Americans freedom and forced them to work in a labor economy. Black codes limited blacks from doing many things that any free person should be able to do; the codes restricted blacks from voting, from owning property, and from […]

GLOSSARY: Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement was a social movement that helped end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans. The movement started in 1954 and ended in 1968. After slavery ended African Americans still had to deal with overt, institutional, and dejure racism. Rosa Parks sparked the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement when she refused […]

GLOSSARY: Public Space

Public space is an open area that is publicly owned and open to everyone. It is also a place where people come together and talk about policies or protest public issues. Examples of public spaces are sidewalks, parks, libraries, recreation facilities, etc. Many people take public space for granted and they don’t realize how beneficial […]

Glossary: Deindustrialization

Deindustrialization is the removal or decline of an industrial area. It is also when factories move out of cities. During the industrial revolutions (1760-1820) factories were located in the cities. During this time factories in the cities had no regulations and cities were extremely dirty and lacked proper sanitation, so factories moved out of the […]

Glossary: Blockbusting

Blockbusting is when a real estate agent purposely shows minorities houses in predominately white neighborhoods so the whites would move out of the neighborhood (white flight). This is basically the opposite of racial steering. Blockbusting caused property owners to sell their house much cheaper because they did not want to share a neighborhood with minorities. […]

Glossary: Racial Steering

Racial steering is a practice where real estate agents only show houses in certain neighborhoods and communities to certain races. Real estate agents would purposely not show houses to certain minorities to keep the neighborhood all white. Realtors who used racial steering wanted to keep towns and cities divided by race, mainly because it helped […]