Right to the City

I chose the topic of gentrification. The non-profit organization that I chose to look into is called “Right to the City”. This non-profit organization formed in 2007 in response to gentrification. This organization fights for the displaced low-income people, people of color, marginalized LGBTQ communities, and youths of color. This organization states “We are a […]

The Future of New York City

The article “Looking Backward into the Future of New York” by Ted Steinberg talks about the future of the nations largest city, New York. Steinberg writes in this article about a vast planning scheme thats been in consideration since 2007 called PlaNYC. PlaNYC focuses on both economic and demographic growth. “PlaNYC involves hundreds of initiatives in […]

Harlem vs. Gentrification

After reading the article “Gentrification and Displacement in Harlem: How the Harlem Community Lost Its Voice en Route to Progress” I found out much about community change and resistance in NYC, specifically Harlem. Harlem is in the process of being gentrified. Gentrification means change in urban areas associated with a rise in affluence. Gentrification basically means […]

Assignment #1

Maggie Iavarone As I walked around New York City I thought about the meaning of poverty and affluence and I came up with this. Poverty means that you don’t have or have just enough money for the essentials of life, like food, shelter, and clothing. To be affluent means that you have enough money for […]