The Immigration Paradox

In this country, we have had a past of anti-immigration movements, and as we all know, it is a moving phenomena. Our stance on immigration tends to shift according to our economy and our political standing, but it doesn’t seem to have been in favor of immigrants for many years. We have had the Chinese […]

Glossary: Company Towns

Company towns were towns established around certain sites like mining or construction sites. Since these locations were so far away from already established towns, the companies would set up housing and stores so that their workers could live closer to the workplace. While this seemed ideal, it quickly became harder and harder for the workers […]

Glossary: Job Channeling

Job channeling is racially fueled, where minorities would be pushed towards certain jobs, usually lower than the position they have come in to inquire, while white people would be pushed into higher positions the majority of the time. The pushing down of positions usually has to do with the minorities being behind the scenes of […]

Glossary: Income vs. Wealth

Income is the amount of money that a person obtains on a regular basis, so think of salary or paycheck. Wealth is taking one’s overall debt (from college tuition or credit card debt) and subtracting it from one’s assets, things like property and cars. The difference that comes about from this equation is what wealth […]

Flushing to Bayside

In Main Street Flushing, it’s easy to see that there are signs of poverty around the city. Surrounding the subway stations and crowded bus stops, there are homeless people asking for change and poorly dealt with trash littering the sidewalks. There are also many apartment buildings around the city, with mostly people of Asian decent […]