Homes First

By Anthony DeFelice The issue i’m choosing to cover in this assignment is Housing affordability in New York City. The price of housing in New York City is ridiculously expensive which makes it very difficult for some people to afford. Fortunately there are various organizations that exist to help people. One organization that is doing […]

Final Take Home Essay

Urban Studies 101: Final Take-Home Essay Your essay is due to Professor Hackett by 11:59p on Monday 12/19/16 and represents 50% of your final exam grade. There will also be an in-class multiple choice exam on: Wednesday 12/21/16. STEP 1: Choose one urban social justice issue from the 2nd half of the semester. These include: Housing affordability, community […]

The Selectivity of Community Change

by Caitlin Dilamani Unfortunately, cities are so divided that the benefits of community change have to be geared towards certain people while putting others at a disadvantage by exploiting and marginalizing them.  Although a community organization in the low-income Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston took stock of its 30-year campaign to create affordable housing […]

QC Event – available for EC

INFORMATION WHEN: Wed November 2nd, 4:45p – 8p WHERE: Patio Room, Dining Hall, Queens College RSVP:  WHAT: Curious about what Black Lives Matter is and isn’t? Join us for an informative exploration of the movement and discuss how to create sustainable social change in your community. The Center For Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding’s (CERRU) […]

Midterm Review

Below is a list of the key processes in the history of urban development as it pertains to wealth and income inequality today.  You should be able to identify and define/explain the key events and key terms related to each of the processes, the intricacies of each event (the racial implementation of suburbanization, for example […]

Glossary Terms Sign-Up

Indicate in the comments section with terms you’d like to be responsible for defining.  Reminder, you may only choose 3.  Please check the comments to see which terms have been claimed already. In your glossary entries, the more information you include, the more helpful it will be for you and your fellow students (and the more […]