Unaffordable housing

Just by the name of it, we can only make assumptions on how great affordable housing must be.  However, just how “affordable” is it?   According to the government, housing can be deemed “affordable” as long as a family is spending no more than 30% of their income to live there.  The biggest issue with […]

GLOSSARY: [Planned Shrinkage]

Planned Shrinkage:  The policy of deliberately cutting government ties with rubdown, unproductive communities due to the demising tax revenues.  For example, garbage was no longer collected by sanitation, buildings were intentionally burned down, the hot water supply was cut off, and there was no heating.  This policy was issued in those neighborhoods suffering from crime and poverty […]

GLOSSARY: [Urbanization]

Urbanization: the increase of population in areas that are more urban and city-like from the population in areas that are more rural and less-developed.  Urbanization occurs when people move from rural areas (countryside and farms) to urban areas (towns and cities).  During urbanization, cities expand as people are moving in because they see cities as a more desirable area. […]