Glossary: Prison Industrial Complex

Prison Industrial Complex is where there are interactions of the private companies who would help expand the prison system. The prison industrial complex consisted of surveillance, imprisonment, police brutality, racial profiling, prisoners with poor education like drop outs, and more… It is when a prison is constructed and managed by the services of private companies. Most […]

Glossary: Jim Crow

Jim Crow is when there was a racial segregation between blacks and whites between 1877 and the mid-1960s. The blacks were treated a lot differently than the whites. The African Americans were treated as a second class citizens. They couldn’t shake or offer their hands with a white male because if they did, it would […]

Globalization: Labor Inequality

Labor inequality is a serious problem in America. It is very similar to income inequality. People are being mistreated and they aren’t getting the same treatment when they should. It is like racism, how Black people, Hispanic people, and Asian people are getting paid very little when the white people are getting paid more. They […]

Glossary: Income Inequality

Income inequality is a serious issue in America. Income inequality is when people aren’t getting the same income when they should have. The income isn’t being distributed evenly among the population. The income is the sum of all the wages, salaries, profits, rents, and any earnings the people received. Economists believe that inequality are necessary […]

Glossary: Globalization

Globalization is when people are coming together from different countries and the nation. It is when the ideas and goods spread throughout worldwide especially people. It has also effected with the world’s different cultures, the government, and in economics. Merchants from different countries are able to sell their products and goods to other countries and they […]

Poverty and Affluence

Hanjung Na Poverty and Affluence in Brooklyn   Poverty and affluence are both different factors that contribute to our world especially in New York City. Both of these different factors are shown throughout the world; how they live, how they dress, etc. Poverty and affluence which is also known for the wealthy people are the […]