Immigration wages

The united states is a country made up of immigrants. Yet U.S born workers feel as if foreign born workers are having a negative impact on their society. They feel as if immigrant workers are stealing all the working jobs and taking money from healthcare and other benefit plans. Though it is proven that immigrant […]

Who can afford a house?

Housing affordability varies from state to state, generally New Yorkers spend 50.6% of median income for housing mortgage. Median Family Income is determined by the middle number of collected income from all the families in the state. The government calculates affordable housing plans using medium family income (MFI). High income families generally would generally be […]

Poverty and affluence walk

Jia Jin Zhao Urban 101 Professor Hackett Poverty and affluence in Flushing, NY   After walking around my neighborhood in Flushing, NY; I’ve come to differentiate the meaning of poverty and affluence, which includes different factors that contribute to both. Cities in general are crowded and full of Capitalism; where Affluence is concentrated on the […]