Glossary: Supplemental Poverty Measure

Due to the shortcomings of the Official Poverty Measure, (ex. doesn’t acknowledge shift in family budgets over time) the Supplemental Poverty Measure defines poverty as the lack of economic resources for consumption of basic needs such as food, housing, clothing, and utilities. Instead of using a food plan like the Official Poverty Measure, the SPM […]

Self-Sufficiency Measure

The self-sufficiency measure accounts for major budget items. These include housing, childcare, food, health care, transportation, taxes and other costs including an emergency savings fund. It is considered a “bare bones budget” which means it does not include restaurant take out food, credit card or loan payments. It accounts for your family composition and geography. […]

Glossary: Social Security Act

Signed by FDR, the social security act (a welfare legislative act) guaranteed income for the unemployed and people who were retired. It is welfare in the form of Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) which is state financial assistance for families with little or no income. Initially created to combat unemployment by providing assistance […]

A Walk Through Tribeca

    A Walk Through Tribeca             This weekend I walked around the area of Tribeca, NYC. I noticed that this neighborhood in Manhattan is quieter compared to areas like Times Square. Tribeca has many apartments that are expensive to live. This area I noticed there were some shops and stores that looked vintage compared […]