Zero Waste store

Everyone knows that New York and USA in general have problem with waste, espesially with plastic. Plastic bags nowadays are the most popular packaging. They are so cheap that they are almost always distributed in stores for free, using even a double package in many cases. The used package is most often sent to a landfill at best, at worst – it rushes into the forest or enters the river, where it causes irreparable damage to nature and its inhabitants.

This article shows a great way to finally get rid of all plastic bags. In this store there is no packaging. If you need to buy something in the store you have to bring your own container. I think that New York should transform all our stores in zero waste. Because here you will always be given plastic bags. In New York, sellers in grocery stores almost never ask if you need a package or not. Therefore, I think that zero waste stores would definitely help to reduce plastic bags and therefore be one step closer to zero waste target.

What do you think about this idea?

Do you think it is easy to adopt this way of shopping?

Zero Waste Bulk Stores around the World #1: Unverpackt Kiel in Kiel, Germany

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