Homes First

By Anthony DeFelice
The issue i’m choosing to cover in this assignment is Housing affordability in New York City. The price of housing in New York City is ridiculously expensive which makes it very difficult for some people to afford. Fortunately there are various organizations that exist to help people. One organization that is doing a lot in the community is Homes First. Basically they have made it their mission to provide safe, and affordable rental homes for those who need them the most. They do this by using donations that people contribute to their organization to make the cost of living less expensive. They’ve done a lot for the community in terms of housing and the stats back it up. Since 1990 they have housed over 4,000 people. In addition this organization has developed more than 95 living spaces and 37 properties which means that the number of people being helped will only continue to rise. Everything Homes First is doing is super exciting. It’s so refreshing to see that there are actually organizations out there that are  not all about a profit and concerned enough about the community that they would lower some prices in order to help people. This is also exciting to me because it shows me that people are not selfish. The reason for this is that you have all these citizens who are just like me, donating their hard earned money to organizations like Home First without expecting anything to return. Not that ill be donating to anytime soon but donating is something I have never thought of before and maybe its not such a bad idea if  its going to a good cause. As long as you do your proper research to find out which organizations are good your money that you donate could surely be used to make a difference.  I believe a similar effort could be applied to another issue we discussed in class which is the community change and resistance in NYC. People are so hesitant about community change because they are afraid of being pushed out of their neighborhood because the cost of living will increase once the neighborhood is gentrified. But maybe if there were more affordable housing for people who aren’t equipped to shell out 2,000 dollars for rent everybody would welcome improvements in his or her neighborhood.
Extra Credit, Issue-based Local Organization

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