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GLOSSARY: [Law and Order and Tough on Crime Movement]

The Law and Order movement, stemming in the 1950s, enforced the idea that harsh punishment is the only solution to crime. During the Civil Rights movement, being black became nearly synonymous with being a criminal. Despite evidence to the contrary, politicians propagated this fake fear of minority crime in order to enforce an idea of ‘re-instilling law and order’. They claimed humanitarian justifications by saying that incarceration is the best, and only way to get inherently dangerous people of the street (aka colored people). This view is very much one of poverty as pathology, wherein the structure of society, the economy, or the government is not taken into account of how one would be led into becoming a criminal, instead the entire blame is placed on the person in question. Moving into the 70s the same idea evolved into the Tough on Crime Movement by wish harsher policies were put in place to promote punishment such as mandatory sentencing, zero tolerance, three strikes and you’re out etc.


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