The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless

The issue I chose to find a local non-profit organization that we discussed throughout the course of this semester is “Understanding Poverty.” The organization I chose to represent this topic is a local non-profit organization in New York City, the name of this organization is The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless. The non-profit organization’s website is Homelessness is a huge outcome of increasing poverty levels.

The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless works with people throughout New York City who are dealing with homelessness. The organization aids by offering job training, work experience and lifetime support. The ACE Program for the Homeless strives to help  men and women achieve their economic goals and get them back on his or her feet. There are four programs included in this non-profit organization. They are Adult Education Program, Project Comeback, Project Stay and Project Home. ACE Program, Adult Education Program offers daily classes and workshops  for those in need. They offer workshops in literacy, which includes basic reading, writing skills, résumés, filling out job applications, and crafting thank you notes. The program also offers classes in math skills, including household budgeting lessons, how to balance a checkbook, and necessities for life skills. Computer classes are also available, as well as job readiness and life skills courses. Project Comeback, is a four to six month rehabilitation program. It allows for homeless individuals to recover with the skills, support services and motivation. It allows them to obtain full-time employment and economic independence and get them back on their feet. ACE’s, Project Stay, is an aftercare program offering their graduates with lifelong support and services. The goal is aimed to helping them stay employed and continue developing their life skills. Project Home is their housing program to assist those who completed Project Comeback. It allows for the graduates to have an easy transition period. During their transition to living independently they are provided with a declining three year rent to help them with demands.

The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless has been around since 1992 started by Henry Buhl. The program has helped over 2,500 New Yorkers secure full-time employment and break the cycle of poverty so far. In the year 2015, ACE provided rehabilitation and services to over 500 New Yorkers in need. The program had many achievements in 2015, such as 98 Project Comeback participants found full-time employment, 65% of the programs graduates retained employment for at least 12 months, participants logged a total of 13,700 hours of classroom instruction in the subjects of reading, writing and math, increasing their literacy and math abilities by an average of 2 grade levels during a four-to-six month time span, and much much more. This program is extremely beneficial for many New Yorkers experiencing poverty.

We also discussed “Women, Work and Welfare” in throughout this semester. This program provides help to both men and women. This program can be beneficial for women and mothers who need extra help to support their family and get back on their feet.

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