Fear for Trump’s Immigration Policy

There are always immigrants coming to the United States. They come here to have a better opportunity in education and for a better life with their family.  In the article, “Immigrants Who Came to U.S as Children For Deportation Under Trump” by Julia Preston and Jennifer Medina, it talks about how immigrants are being in fear of being deported ever since Trump became president. There are a lot of immigrants who are scared like Carlos Roa. He was just a baby when he was brought to the United States from Venezuela, but now he going to college and studying to be an architect. He is in fear, anxiety, and worried of how he is going to be deported especially the other illegal immigrants. If they get deported, they would lose their process they made in the United States for a better life. Like Ruben Rivas, a Mexican immigrant, who spent their lives working minimum-wage jobs, graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in business finance, was able to create a life here and for his family. He said, “The first thought I had is that I have done everything right and it is all going to be taken away from me” and he also said, “It feels like a little bit like a betrayal. I’ve been here since I was 4 years old. I’m an American.” It shows how they are feeling sad, fear, denial, and anxiety for him and for all the immigrants. For them, they were able to be in peace because President Obama created a program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA which benefited immigrants. They were able to live in peace of mind, but not anymore. Immigrants do come to America to have a better life and for jobs especially the ones with hard labor. They are taking the jobs that people usually wouldn’t want to work for and for a low-minimum wage too. Trump shouldn’t create a wall and prevent immigrants to come to the US. They should all have equal rights as everyone else because they may be different race, but they are all still human beings just like everyone else.

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  1. There is no doubt that since Donald Trump became the president elect that there has been a fear lingering among many immigrants both legal and illegal as to what this election would mean for them. However, we touched upon an important subject in class regarding how genuine this shift towards mass deportations actually is. (Even before Trump was elected). We saw that within the checkpoints they play no major role except to provide propaganda and fear that illegals are everywhere. The same concept would be done with a wall between the border with mexico and the US. I am unaware of any statistics but i am sure that most people (including illegals) come into the US through plane or boat. A wall wouldn’t really help. It was just some form of rhetoric that was shown to have worked and trump rolled with it. However, if the US really wanted to make an effort to deport illegal immigrants than they would take much different approaches than they have been taking in the past and have been offering to take in the future

  2. I agree that Donald Trump has put many illegal immigrants in a fearful position. However the issue is more complicated. Many of the things Donald Trump says I dont think he is able to act on it due to his inexperience in government. Immigration in the US is a difficult topic because we are known as the melting pot but we still face this problem of knowing where to draw the line. Mass deportation could hurt the U.S economy because most of illegal immigrants working are doing jobs that most Americans wouldnt want to do anyway. I never thought of immigrants in the sense that they are ‘stealing our jobs’. They are contributing to the economy just like everyone else. As for illegal immigrants who are not paying taxes, this is not fair. If they are residents living here they should have to pay just like everyone else. Not that they should be burdened by it, but they should be required to contribute like any other Americn would. Also, if they are not criminals I believe everyone should have a fair chance to become a citizen. The system needs to make it in a way that is accesible to all, not a tough process that draws immigrants away from the desire to become one.

  3. I agree with all the point you made, Donald Trump became president really must have fear the immigrants. It really seems not fair for people who came to U.S as children, who basically grew up in the U.S just like any other U.S citizens. In my opinion this is really unfortunate and unfair situation especially when they came to U.S as children. When you actually think about it, it really wasn’t their choice or decision they made for themselves. It was not their options to grow up here or not. They probably came to U.S with their parents who were expecting to have a better opportunity in education and a better life. They grew up as just like american citizens, with american culture and american education. Now all of sudden they are in fear, anxiety and scared of getting deported because of the choice that they didn’t even get to make. I can’t say we should give all the illegal immigrants a citizenship however they should not be just deported especially for those people who came to U.S as a child. Also like the point you made, everyone should have equal rights as a human beings to where to live and what to do with their life.

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