Racial Disparities & Summonsing

As many have heard, law enforcement summonses and arrests a large amount of the population, and the majority is for minor offenses. Take the United States as an example, the US only takes up 5% of the world’s population but makes up for more than 25% of the world’s prisoners. This is because our law enforcement agencies follow the ‘broken windows’ theory. The ‘broken windows’ theory believes that if law enforcement monitors and prevents small crimes such as toll-jumping, or vandalism they are creating an atmosphere in which is of order and therefore it would prevent more serious crimes of occurrtickets1ing. This  crime-fighting strategy was implemented in the 1990s. “The number of summonses issued each year has soared since “broken windows” was implemented in the early 1990s — from 160,000 in 1993 to a peak of 648,638 in 2005.” Not only has the number of people summoned increased throughout the years but in the article, “Daily News analysis finds racial disparities in summonses for minor violations in ‘broken windows’ policing,” it states that roughly 81% of the 7.3 million people hit with violations between 2001 and 2013 were black and Hispanic, according to a New York Civil Liberties Union calculation of available race data on summons forms. (Ryley) “My neighborhood is like it’s under martial law. We got all these rookie officers on each corner. These officers, they just run around and ask you for any excuse to ask you for your ID and write you a summons,” said Angel Garcia, 34, of East Harlem, states in the article. East Harlem contains 90% of blacks and Hispanics and the fact that cops are targeting those kinds of areas to summons people speaks for itself and that is considered racial targeting.

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  1. I agree there is racial disparity. Even now, we see when police officers arresting criminals and innocent people mostly blacks. It shows how criminal injustice are still shown today. People are being treated unequally and it leads to black lives matter. Black lives matter started because police officers would shoot black people especially African American because they thought they were dangerous or they thought the person was holding a weapon when they were unarmed. People should be treated equally no matter what type of race people are.

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