Homelessness, Public Place and Government’s regulation.

Homelessness is a result of a lack of government investments and support. Regarding the article No Safe Place: The Criminalization of Homelessness in US Cities” the nation’s supply of low-income housing has been permanently lost by 12.8% since 2001. In addition, the number of homeless people is more than shelter’s beds. Therefore, people end up sleeping on the streets, because they do not have other option. According to the article «Lifting bans on sleeping outside won’t stop criminalization of homelessness», by Terrence McCoy 40% of homeless people in Orlando bedded down under bridges and park benches because of lack of Shelters. Unfortunately, government increase homelessness even more by making laws and prohibitions regarding sleeping in the cars, loitering, and begging. All of these bans increase each year, placing them in even worse living conditions. Terence McCoy mention in the article that an attorney from National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty said that people are homeless because they do not want to work. However, according to New York Times reports 28% of families in shelter and 16% of single adults have jobs. Therefore, these statistic proofs the gap between wages and rents. Those people with low-income jobs just cannot afford to rent a house that’s. However, if you do not have house or apartment where you can sleep, and there is no space in shelters of course you will end up sleeping in the parks, in front of the building and other public space. However, public space will soon be not public at all. Sitting or lying down in public is now prohibited in some places. According to article NO SAFE PLACE: The Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities the bans on sitting and laying down in public places have increased by 43%, begging by 25% and bans on sleeping in vehicles have increased by 119%. I think that government should stop making laws and regulations that criminalize homelessness and laws that making public places as tightly regulated jail where you cannot sit where you want because of bans. Government should lower the renting prices or at least build more shelters and affordable houses for people. Therefore, the criminalization of homelessness no longer needed. Public space is a place that open and accessible to people. Therefore, if the government increase laws regarding public spaces it will turn to private space. Everybody needs public spaces, so government should stop creating bans regarding it.
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  1. I agree part of your statement about the article “Lifting bans on sleeping outside won’t stop criminalization of homelessness”, by Terrence McCoy. An attorney, Eric Tars who works on the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty said that people were homeless because they weren’t trying hard enough. There’s the sense that something must be wrong with them, rather than something was wrong with society. You think that it isn’t full right with his statement, but it is true. If you don’t try to better, no body can help you. There are causes to make people become homeless. These causes are caused by themselves. Of course, the society is part of the causes, but nothing to do is the main cause for homeless. Even though you are the low-income workers, you can find a affordable place to sleep. Maybe it is your relative’s basement, or one homeowner’s bedroom. Why do others can afford their rent? Only you cannot. The main problem is themselves.

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