What is public space?

When someone hears the words “Public Space”, it might be expected that it would be public without exception. People are learning quickly that very often this isn’t the case. In the essay “Policing public space”, the author translate public space as a place for “freedom of assembly and expression”. It’s becoming more common for places that are set aside as “public space” to have rules within those location. The author gives an example of a time when he was in a park and police officers approached him and fined him for sitting on a ledge that the police didn’t consider an appropriate location for sitting. This incident really brings us to question what public space actually is and what it means to different people. I believe that the places that are public still need minor surveillance and police presence in order to keep everything in line. I think that without police presence in public spaces, the visitors wouldn’t feel safe and protected and individuals would be able to act out in ways that weren’t intended when the spaces were made public. But I also think that occasionally authority figures can take it too far like in the example given in the post. The issue of public space brings to mind the issues that arose when Barclay’s Center was being produced. Although the area the stadium was built on was intended to be public, it now serves as a source of anger and frustration to those who live in its vicinity. Now those who own the center aren’t keeping the deals that they promised concerning jobs opportunities and other issues. Those who had to see Barclay Center being built also saw how their lives would change for the worse once this “public space” would be completed.

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  1. A public space is a social area which is usually accessible to people such as parks, malls, stadiums, and roads. Upon reading this blog, I have to say I definitely agree that the phrase “public space,” means various things to different people. I personally didn’t even think about the meaning of public space thoroughly till we spoke about it in class recently. Public spaces aren’t actually all that private anymore not everyone can enter freely, and at times there are rules set in places and law enforcement making sure everything runs smoothly. Rules, surveillance, and police presence should exist and shouldn’t be removed or else public areas would be a bit chaotic in this crowded violent city. Unfortunately, in this case of Barclays Center opening for tourists and the public, the people residing in the area are angry and frustrated because none of the deals they were made were upheld and I honestly don’t understand why it is so hard to honor these people what they were promised, it just isn’t fair especially because Barclays makes billions of dollars at all times and don’t seem to care for anything or anyone else.

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