What is the real issue with public space?

Reading all the articles assigned to read about the problems regarding “public space” I notice that there are a wide variety of problems affecting public space, how we view it, and how we regard it. One issue raised about public space is the economic need to make public space a business entity. We see this in Flushing Meadow Park. Currently there are three different projects placing a bid to have the opportunity be built in the public park (Queens Triples play, 1). However, if all these expansions/ buildings are built there will not be much of a “park” left, in Flushing Meadow Park. First of the three ideas is to build a shopping mall, parking lots and hotels on both sides of Citi field. The issue with this suggestion is, does the borough of Queens really need another mall? We already have so many, including sky view mall down the block. While I believe a hotel would be nice, because this Borough has a lack of really prestigious and 5 star hotels, it should not be built in a spot where either there is already a lot going on, or a spot known locally as “the junk yard” where many people go to get parts for their cars, and is a very small, rugged, tough, but successful business district. What also really bothered me was a bid by the MLS to build a soccer stadium in the park. I actually think a soccer stadium for the New York City soccer team is long overdue and there may be room to build it in Flushing Meadow Park, but not to replace the “Foundation of the Planets. (Queens Triple Play, 3)” This structure holds so much history and has been a staple of the park for years (since 1963). That is really the only issue of public space that actually addresses the issue of how much public space there actually is. The other arguments assigned were more about what we choose to do with public space when we have it. One issue raised in “Dawg’s Blog” is that public space is no longer public due to the lack of surveillance. Yet the issue is backed by the example of a cop handing out a citation when they were being filmed for apparently sitting at a spot they were not supposed to. What is not addressed in the blog is that surveillance is not a problem (even though there may be a camera on every corner nowadays) there is only an issue when some people are allowed to be recorded and some can use their powers to not face any consequences even though there is clear evidence of malpractice. However, this issue is much deeper than public space and for now we should just focus on the main issue of public space. Keeping it around.

Assignment 4-8, Public Space

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  1. Public space is really important to have available to us. I agree with Sean on his example of Flushing Meadow Park and how they want more buildings and businesses to be built there. I think if there isn’t a need for it in the community then it shouldn’t be built. And if there is a need for it, it shouldn’t be built in a space already in use, like Flushing Meadow Park. However I know there must be concern with the “junkyard” where there are businesses that sell car parts and how it doesn’t make the neighborhood look good and it creates the idea that a hotel, or a shopping mall would make the neighborhood look better. Instead, we should be focused on preserving that space and the small businesses there as well. The amount of public space and what they do with it is the main problem and should be fixed.

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