The effects of gentrification on the impoverished

The changes in the communities around New York City that has been going on for years now are ones that are driving people with lower incomes to further stages of poverty. Many communities around the boroughs of New York City are Gentrifying themselves, which may sound good and for those that can afford it, it may work out well, but for those who cannot survive the gentrification process due to their low incomes that barely allowed them to get by before, they will be forced to move out of their areas and into another area that evidently vote less and will most likely contain many newcomers that have moved in for the same reasons. Gentrification of communities is undoubtedly making communities nicer and better places to find work, but it is also forcing people to leave who cannot afford to live in an area of that quality. Many people are moving out of the areas they have lived in for years and moving into lower income areas because of the government’s intent to improve the quality of a community that makes it unaffordable to people that make lower incomes because the rents’ have risen above what is median of that area. While many communities are being newly gentrified, the areas that people are forced to move to when they face not being able to make ends meet in areas that have become gentrified, are dropping in quantity every time the gentrification process occurs. In short, you could say in light of what gentrification is causing to happen to the poor and those in poverty areas, that the poor are being neglected and those in power are gentrifying areas more for their own financial self interests than anything else in this situation.


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  1. I don’t necessarily agree that communities around New York City are gentrifying themselves, rather people with high incomes or wealth in general have moved to these areas since they have great convenience, culture, and accessibility, and have taken those communities for themselves, therefore gentrifying them. People willing to pay high prices means more money in the pockets of those selling/renting out properties, increasing the desire to sell/rent to these people over lower income people. Harlem is a very accessible place with culture that is indescribable which is why its a gentrified neighborhood, but those moving in are those from other states/other areas in New York where the household income is high and is able to pay higher amounts. Unfortunately those with low incomes have to leave their homes of so long since they just cannot keep up with the high prices for rent. The poor should not be neglected, but they seem to be as of right now. Hopefully one day those that share this city with us will be able to stay in their homes.

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