The Problems with Affordable Housing in East NY and why we should talk about it.

Affordable Housing is housing that is deemed affordable to people that have a median family income as rated by country, state or region by a recognized Housing Affordability Index. The Median Family Income (MFI) is what a family right in the middle of the income distribution earns. This helps put families into income categorize to determine which families qualify and what the prices of rents per units should be. From the Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness, we begin to discuss the affects of Affordable Housing and what the purpose of redevelopment brings to the table, whether to maintain the current community or replace it with a completely new one.

In East NY, there is a big issues with homelessness and poverty. As of 2013, 29% of residents are living below the poverty line making it one of the first neighborhoods in NYC to be up for rezoning and affordable housing redevelopment. However, data has shown that affordable housing development plans that fail to address the neighborhood’s poorest residents will likely contribute to increase family homelessness. Due to an increase in median rent close to 50%, between 2005 and 2013, East NY neighborhoods lost over 10,000 units renting below $1000 per month. This makes it harder for families to rent affordable housing and creates in increase in rental overcrowding because people can’t afford to live in a unit with their families. Being an area up for redevelopment, it is proposed that 10% of new housing units will be made affordable for those earning 30% of Area Median Income, a measurement done in different states with different values, or less. However, this plan would still be unaffordable for 36% of the neighborhood families still not solving any of the issues of poverty and homelessness in this new proposed plan. To conclude the finding, East NY faces instability because of the rapid loss of affordable housing, increase in overcrowding, and because of concentrated poverty. Whether redevelopment is meant to help fix these issues is uncertain until more research is done in other cities. This is just one of many possible outcomes.


Share of Rentals Below $1000 and Share of Overcrowded Units Graph


What Happens to Homeless Families in Redeveloped East New York?” A policy brief by the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessnes

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