*NEW* Assignment: Weekly Blogging

For the past month and a half you have been participating in the Weekly Crowdsource, wherein you were asked to share some thoughts on the reading in a public forum with other students from our class. During the second half of the semester, we will be stepping it up a notch – now each week instead of participating in the Weekly Crowdsource, you will participate in the Weekly Blog. More about what is expected and information on guidelines can be found here, but here are the basics:

1. You will be assigned two weeks wherein you will be asked to submit a post to our course blog.

2. You will be assigned three weeks wherein you will be asked to comment on other’s posts.

Please be sure to check the schedule to see what you weeks you’re doing what (and what week you have off!).

In participating in assignments 4-8, you’ll see that new blogs will populate in the right hand side bar, where the Weekly Crowdsource used to.


Assignment 4-8

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