Flushing to Bayside

In Main Street Flushing, it’s easy to see that there are signs of poverty around the city. Surrounding the subway stations and crowded bus stops, there are homeless people asking for change and poorly dealt with trash littering the sidewalks. There are also many apartment buildings around the city, with mostly people of Asian decent living there, and they tend to be crowded, one bedroom spaces compared to the bigger homes with lawns further out like in Bayside. As we move out of the city and towards Bayside, we can see apartment complexes dwindling and turning into homes. There is a particular smell that reminds me of rotten garbage in Flushing, and I remember when I first brought my little sister to Flushing, she was shocked at how dirty and smelly it all was and she asked me to go home several times.

I walked along the Queens Plaza, Main Street, and along the Q12 bus stops going towards Little Neck to see how the environment would change in the different routes. As we can see, poverty is expressed in the cleanliness of the city, and how well the streets are taken care of. Around my house, there is no lingering smell of garbage and there aren’t masses of people cramped into one space. This reminds me of a few decades back when families used to be forced into cramped spaces and the lack of garbage clean up led to disease. Apartment complexes are another proof of poverty or a lack of money when compared to the others who can afford to rent houses because even families with two children live in these apartment complexes with limited spaces.

Like I stated before, the majority of the population that lives in Main Street Flushing consist of Asians, which is why there are so many Asian stores around the subways and the bus stops to accommodate for the population that lives there. Near my house, however, where there are houses with more space and even lawns, there seems to be many whites that live in these areas with greater amounts of space and cleaner air.



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