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EC: Glossary Entries

Students can earn up to 1 pt in exchange for defining key terms and entering them into the glossary.  In order to earn the full point, students must present a thick description of the term, and include links to other resources and/or images that students may find helpful in their effort to understand the key term. Here is the list of terms for the 2nd half of the semester.

In order to receive the points, students will have to sign up for a key term so as to avoid duplicate entries. Same as the 1st half of the semester, use the comments to claim up to 3 terms, and I will add names next to the terms in the list and fade the term. Please be sure to also check the comments, as the list of terms may not be up-to-date.

If students think a term is missing from the list compiled by Professor Hackett, students may advocate the addition of a term by speaking with Professor Hackett.

Students may complete up to 3 terms for a total of 3 points.  These points will be added onto their final exam grades.

  • Entries are to be added to the website as new posts (similar to assignment 1).  The title of the post should be “GLOSSARY: [Key term]”.
  • When finalizing your post, please select BOTH ‘Glossary’ and ‘Extra Credit’ as the category.

DUE: Entries must be added to the blog no later than 11:59p, Friday 12/16/16.

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